Naturally reared, free range.

About our chickens

Our chickens are as free as non-flying birds can be and tip the scales at a healthy weight of between 2 and 2,5kg – enough for the hungriest family. They are raised in a small group as proper farm chickens – wide open doors and tucked in at night! Their food is hand mixed to be sure the ingredients have absolutely no hormones or any artificial ingredients. No antibiotics are used. They are slaughtered in a registered abbatoir on the farm and no water injection is practised. About our ducks Beautiful farm reared ducks as well as duck eggs, which will turn your breakfast into a feast! Ducks come whole but are limited in supply so we take orders in advance.

No hormones, no artificial ingredients, and no antibiotics.

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We sell to restaurants, delis, supermarkets, and accept private orders.

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