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Venison Sausage (makes 4 sausages)

500g Minced venison meat with skin and sinew removed
100g Picked braised venison shank (see venison pie recipe)
25ml Rendered duck fat or butter
50g Brunoise of pancetta
2 Shallots peeled and chopped finely
1 Clove of garlic, peeled and chopped finely
2 Juniper berries, crushed
Pinch of dried orange peel
30ml Madeira
60ml Port
50ml Reduced venison stock
1 Free range egg
10g Mixed herbs such as chopped flat leaf parsley, sliced chives and picked thyme
15g Pistachio nuts, peeled
2tsp Maldon sea salt
1 tsp Freshly ground white pepper
4 Duck neck skins, cleaned with wind pipes removed
1.5ltr Water

Melt the duck fat in a heavy based frying pan over a gentle heat. Sauté the pancetta until golden brown, add the shallots and garlic and continue to cook for a further minute.

Mix the Madeira and port together in a pan and reduce by two – thirds. Add the venison stock, juniper berries and orange peel and bring to the boil. Remove from the heat, pass through a fine chinois and set aside to cool.

Mix the minced venison meat, braised venison shank, pancetta, onion, garlic, egg and herbs to bind then mix in the reduced alcohol and venison stock. Season with salt and freshly ground pepper.

Secure each duck neck skin at one end with kitchen twine. Spoon the sausage filling into the skins until 4/5 full, leaving a little space for the mixture to expand during cooking. Pack the filling firmly to remove any air and tie the open ends with twine.

Bring the water to the boil in a large heavy based saucepan. Reduce the heat to a simmer and add the sausages. Cook for 30 minutes, turning the sausage occasionally to ensure even cooking. It is important the water does not boil as the sausages will split. Remove the sausages with a slotted spoon and refrigerate until cold.

Preheat the oven to 180°C. Heat a little vegetable oil or rendered duck fat in a heavy based frying pan over a medium heat; add the venison sausages and seal for 3 – 4 minutes until the skin is evenly browned all over. Transfer to the oven and continue to cook for a further 10 minutes until golden. Remove the sausages from the pan and place them onto a wire rack and spoon the pan juices over them. Allow the sausages to rest for at least 10 minutes before carving them into 6 even slices. Serve with a garnish of your choice.


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